New To The Family



We are tracking our new “lambs” joining the flock since 2016 on this page. The newer additions are posted toward the top and older additions further down the page. We thank God for all of our flock!!!

On September 22nd 2019, Renee Neal came forward to be baptized into Christ. Renee is the daughter of Ruth Neal and is a resident of Washington, Kansas. We welcome her to the flock and are very happy for her decision to be part of what God is doing here through the Christian Church in Washington.


On July 14th Bethany Keller came forward to join the church here at WCC.  Bethany is the daughter of Jason and Janet Keller.  We are glad to have her as part of our flock.


On November 25th, 2018, Dan Barnhill and Pam Linck came forward to place their membership here at WCC.  On November 4th, 2018 Dan Barnhill came forward and was baptized into Christ.  Dan works as an over the road truck driver and has been attending on the weekends he is home.  Pam Linck was baptized August 12th, 2018 in Marysville, Kansas at the Church of Christ.  Dan and Pam were married in 2019.  We are very happy for both of them and glad to have them as members at the Washington Christian Church.


On October 18th, 2018 Leland Cook came forward to renew his membership here at WCC.  Leland was baptized here on November 12, 1972.  He has been a member for many years and we are thrilled that he desires to be actively involved again.  Welcome back Leland!    


On August 5th, 2018 Garrett Kohlmeyer came forward to surrender his life to Christ in Christian Baptism.  Garrett is Rob Kohlmeyer’s son.  His family has attended WCC for several years.  It was a happy day as the sanctuary was packed with people celebrating a successful VBS and now celebrating a wise move on Garrett’s part.  The decorations still covered the front of the church so Garrett was baptized that afternoon at 2:00 with some family and friends there to support him.  Congratulations Garrett, we are all so proud of you.

Rosalie Line and Marilyn Cecrle were baptized on June 29th, 2018.  We are thrilled to have these women join us in serving our Lord together as part of the family here at WCC.

Rosalie Line

Marilyn Cecrle

Rosalie and Marilyn had several friends supporting and encouraging them in their decisions to be baptized.


We want to welcome Danny and Ava Simnitt to serve the Lord with us here at WCC.  Danny and Ava came forward May 22nd of 2018 to renew their membership.  Danny was baptized here in 1961 and was married to Ava in 1973.  Ava was baptized in June of 1973 and they have returned to the Washington area.  So glad to have them in the flock.  Welcome Danny and Ava! 

What a glorious weekend with Don and Kaitie Wenzl family coming forward December 4th, 2016 to officially become part of the family here at WCC. Saturday night December 3rd, they celebrated Terry’s 1st birthday with family and friends in the Fellowship Hall.  That night several friends joined them in the sanctuary where Don and Kaitie were immersed in Christ.  Don and Kaitie have been believers in the Lord Jesus Christ for many years and have been attending WCC for many months.  Sunday morning was also a time for them to publicly declare their desire to raise Terry to the best of their ability to know Jesus as Lord.  We all witnessed their “Parent Consecration” during our worship that Sunday.  We welcome the Wenzl family to the flock!


We support the Washington County Ministerial Association and their involvement in the local Jail Chaplaincy Program.   Our Law enforcement officers and jailers are some of the best in the state.  They treat those who end up incarcerated very professionally.  They provide  opportunities for the local chaplains to minister, counsel and help the inmates learn to make better decisions.  We celebrate two men surrendering to the Lord in Christian baptism.   Pray for our law enforcement officers, the jailers and the men and women incarcerated.  Celebrate with us that Justice and Billy were allowed to be baptized July 7, 2016.  Our chaplains currently are: Jim Stark (Pictured left), Rustin McClure (Pictured right), Ron Brown, Judy Hill, and Kevin Wood.  


On May 29th, 2016 Holly Keller came forward to surrender her life to Christ in Christian Baptism.  Holly is the daughter of Pam and Kevin Keller.  They have all attended WCC for several years.  It was a happy day for the Keller family.  Congratulations Holly, we are all so proud of you.


Easter Services were even more special with several people making decisions to honor God by serving Him in this congregation.  Wil Algee was baptized after the “Son-rise” service and Easter Breakfast.  Wil also came forward during the morning worship to make his confession of faith in Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Congratulations and wise move Wil.

We are happy to have Paul and Dorothy Weisiger come forward to join the flock on Easter morning.  Paul and Dorothy have been attending Sunday School and worship services for several months and live just walking distance from the church facilities.  They have been Christians for many years and we are so glad to have them as part of this flock!

We are also very glad to have Janis Bryant become a member here at WCC.  Janis came forward Easter Sunday to place her membership with us.  Janis is the sister of Dorothy Weisiger and has attended this church for some time.  Janis and Dorothy were both members of the Christian Church many years ago in Greenleaf.  They have attended and served the Lord in many churches over the years.  We are so glad to have them as part of this flock.

On March 13th John Franssen came forward to surrender his life to Christ in Christian Baptism.  John is 10 years old and is the son of Chris and Sarah Franssen who have been coming to Washington from Superior, NE. to help sponsor the Youth Group.  John was baptized by his grandfather, Jim Stark who is our minister.  It was a happy day for the Stark and Franssen family.  Congratulations John, we are all so proud of you.